Trethowan Architecture


At Trethowan Architecture, we approach the practice of architecture, interiors and heritage consulting with an interpretive and analytical process derived from the requirements of each client and site. This approach combines inquiry and research, problem solving, and the refinement of material expression.


Shaping a building is a very personal thing. People want to be inspired by a building, therefore the style needs to be reflective of that. We don’t input our own style into our work. Instead, we act as the hands of our clients, working closely with them to ensure their aesthetic and functional aspirations are achieved, through our understanding of form, materials and aesthetics.

Trethowan Interiors

The choice and quality of an interior defines our everyday experience within our working or living environment. By having an understanding of our client’s needs, we are able to deliver an interior style to fulfil their requirements, and create a sensory experience that they can enjoy.

Heritage Consulting and Design

Australia has many remarkable heritage sites both natural and manmade. As we continue to progress, the spaces around us change, which in turn influences the nature of these heritage sites. Our heritage consultants help clients manage these changes, empowering them to make informed decisions on how to move ahead with renovation, restoration and renewal.

Heritage services overview

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      • Pre-Permit Advice
      • Conservation Advice
      • Town Planning Permit
      • Heritage Victoria Permit
      • Heritage Impact Statement
      • Investigation / Assessment / Studies
      • Expert Witness
      • Conservation Management Plan
      • Masterplanning
      • Asset Management
      • Interpretation

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