• Malvern House

Malvern House

While presenting as a contemporary high-end residence, the underlying objective of this project was to provide a low maintenance, energy efficient & deliberately zoned home for our retired clients and their offspring’s young families who visit and stay regularly. In addition, the new dwelling needed to fit discreetly into the neighbourhood acknowledging the design characteristics of the Neighbourhood Character Area.

The house incorporates passive design initiatives such as the deep engineered north facing eave, retractable awnings, water retention/ reuse and solar panels. A central skylight that acts as a thermal chimney through integration with the HVAC system and natural ventilation. Additional features included over-engineered foundations, surplus water storage and provision for future battery technology in the aim of future-proofing the home for years to come.

Flexibility was a priority in the planning approach with the need to accommodate the needs of the varying occupants. With this in mind, the house was divided into three wings: the principal suite for the husband-and-wife clients, additional bedrooms for family & the living spaces. These wings are anchored by a generously wide entry corridor illuminated by a lightwell that complements the black VJ panel lined wall concealing the entry to the additional bedrooms and study. A full height and width cavity slider also allows for efficient zoning of the living and sleeping spaces.

The home provides a low maintenance, user-friendly environment for our clients. It is geared around providing the flexibility to grow from two to eight inhabitants while having minimal impact on the practicality of their everyday life when they are living alone.

  • Client
  • Private
  • Location
  • Malvern, Victoria
  • Contract Value
  • Undisclosed
  • Duration
  • 2017 – 2020
  • Status
  • Completed
  • Photographer
  • Emily Bartlett
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